Hosting successful events

10 Best practices to host your next event

  • Start off by selecting from ready-to-go event templates like "Product Launch" or "Founder Q&A." Use the template that most closely fits your event needs.

  • Confirm invited speakers sign up for a Reach.Live account. The onboarding may take additional effort from your end initially, though we promise it is worth it.

  • Remind the audience that they can request the mic to speak. This creates an open-dialogue environment to nurture a great discussion and an opportunity to learn from others.

  • Make use of interactive features like chat, polls, Q&A, and reactions. The use of features can provide great insight to how your audience best engages.

  • Customize the event theme and colors specific to your brand. At the end of the event you want the audience to remember your brand. Customize to make the event experience memorable.

  • Create a customized event page which represents your brand identify. This can be a powerful visual cue for Reach.Live users to find your events and a positive attribute for lead generation.

  • Choose to make your event private or public according to the business' strategic goals and capacity to receive growing attention from an audience.

  • Exclusively spotlight sponsors and contributors. Highlight your supporters to demonstrate the evolving partnership and develop trust.

  • Get creative with photo-collages of the audience for use in social media platforms. This fosters a memorable experience for the host and audience, which can be valuable marketing collateral.

  • Manage the audience contact information and feedback for use in lead generation and event improvements in the future.